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Muscle Mojo was developed
with the everyday athlete in mind
to keep you moving

Our Story

Botanicals RX sources hemp derived CBD from the highest quality local sources.

Based in Bend, OR the team at Botanicals RX wants to assure you our products have been carefully researched, to assist you with maximum relief for pain. muscle soreness and other symptoms.

Our flagship product, Muscle Mojo, has the highest concentrate of CBD per volume on the market.

What makes Muscle Mojo unique is it’s proprietary blend of CBD concentrate with DMSO, Arnica, Camphor, Menthol, Tea Tree Oil and Lidocaine. This blend provides maximum relief of symptoms.

Hear What Everyone is Saying:

David Bergman
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"Ulnar Nerve entrapment left my forearm always in pain. The first application made the pain subside and now it’s part of my daily routine. Thanks for the help, my golf game appreciates it”
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"Having suffered a massive cycling injury with a resulting complex surgery and long recovery time, I've hunted for various forms of pain relief as I've experienced more ongoing and intense pain than I ever have experienced before in my life. The Muscle Mojo cream I discovered has been a welcomed part of my daily routine for a bit of healthy relief without toxic side effects. I've appreciated the cooling and numbing this cream provides, and I highly recommend it at the incision location once you have the approval to apply external creams. Cheers, T"

Our Mission

To provide a natural product, with zero gimmicks, that actually works for your clients, as well as your practice.


Eyal Goldman


Eyal was raised in three different countries around the world. While living in California, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing, at San Diego State University. Immediately after college, Eyal went on to start several companies spanning many industries.

Since moving to Oregon in 2010, Eyal has purchased, grown and sold several retail businesses. He started and grew the Express Eco Laundromat chain—Oregon’s largest and most technologically advanced self-service laundromat chain.

As an avid and active pilot, Eyal is able to travel quickly and efficiently to conduct business and visit clients.

Brett Stokes


In the last 20 years, Brett has worked for nearly a dozen Fortune 100 and 500 companies – such as ExxonMobil, Puget Sound Energy, Cisco, Microsoft, and Jet Propulsion Laboratories (NASA) to name a few.

He also spent several years as VP of Business Development and Operations for a venture capital group. In that role, Brett helped several companies to develop business plans, financials, campaigns, and processes – all built for success. Brett’s most recent experience also involves being an Owner and CEO of an aviation company.

Brett is a veteran of The United States Navy, working as an avionics technician on the carrier flight deck. He received a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering Management, with a Minor in Business Administration, from Oregon State University.

James Jans


James has been a CPA for over 25 years and is the Founder and President of ProCFO in 2007 in Bend Oregon.

ProCFO is a complete financial outsourcing company which navigates businesses to create and retain wealth in their communities.

James has a BBA in Accounting from Iowa State University, an MBA from University of Washington, and an MS in Taxation from Boise State University.

Also, James has been on the board of various non-profit organizations in Boise, ID and Bend, OR. 

Chris Hudson

Chris comes to us having 16 years in the beer industry. He got his start in 2006 as a brewer at Terminal Gravity in the beautiful Wallowa mountains. Since that time he transitioned into sales, working diligently to build relationships within the industry both domestically and internationally.

Chris has won several public notifications for his innovative partnerships with some of the most well known and loved breweries in the nation. Just ask around the next time you are at a trade show. Being goal oriented and a master networker has attributed to his track record of increasing company sales by significant numbers in a short period of time, all while making an effort for a personal connection, i.e: remembering the name of your second cousin that he met 10 years ago. 

Chris currently resides in Bend, OR with his awesome family including his German Shepherd rescue. He enjoys golfing, mountain biking, kayaking and snowboarding in his free time and can usually be found striking up a conversation with a random stranger at any social gathering. 

Dr. Scott Hammons DC


Dr. Scott Hammons DC has been a practicing sports Chiropractor since 1999. Dr. Scott brings his expertise and passion to the Botanicals Rx Team in providing natural healthcare solutions to the masses. Dr. Scott initially studied Physical Therapy at Eastern Wa University but decided to change gears and go into Chiropractic. He founded Elite Sports and Spine, a sports based Chiropractic Clinic in 1999 in Bellevue, Wa and grew the business to include 3 locations.

Dr. Scott has been a team Doctor for the Leukemia Society and the Arthritis Foundation overseeing and treating thousands of runners and walkers as well as treating numerous professional, high school and even grade school athletes. He has frequently been a guest presenter on injury prevention topics in the Seattle area and has been recognized as one of the top Chiropractors in the Best of Western Washington and Seattle A-List.

Dr. Scott has also been a guest lecturer at the University of Washington in the pre-med program and has been featured in many NW publications. Dr. Scott now practices in Bend, OR where he lives with his wife and 3 kids.