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BOGO HOliday Special!

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Get Two for just $70
Give the gift of comfort and seize the festive spirit with our exclusive Buy One, Get One Free stocking stuffer discounts on Muscle Mojo, our unparalleled signature pain-relieving cream!

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer – gift yourself AND your loved ones the ultimate remedy for a pain-free and joyful celebration!
Your active lifestyle leaves you no time to slow down as you gracefully move from one activity to another. Our Muscle Mojo allows you to keep your stride from one day to the next. Combining pure CBD with DMSO, Arnia, Camphor, Menthol and Tea Tree Oil, offers the perfect blend to decrease pain and inflammation, while softening, and moisturizing your skin!
What's in It!

Why Choose Muscle Mojo


Experience fast-acting relief with our CBD Lotion. This powerful formula combines high-quality CBD with natural ingredients to deliver quick and effective results. Simply apply the lotion to the affected area and let it work its magic. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to soothing relief in an instant.


Indulge in long-lasting comfort with our CBD Lotion. Crafted using premium CBD and nourishing ingredients, this lotion provides sustained relief for hours. Apply it to your skin and enjoy the soothing sensation that lingers, helping you feel at ease throughout the day. Experience the benefits of CBD that last.


Infused with potent CBD and other natural ingredients, this lotion targets inflammation at its source. Gently massage it onto your skin to calm and soothe irritated areas, providing long-lasting comfort. Embrace the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and experience true wellness, recovery and relief.
Let Our Customers Tell You Why They Love Us!


“I strained my back a month ago and nothing I used seemed to help until I started using this product. It is very soothing and after a few minutes, I find I don’t even think about my back because it eases the pain away.I recommend this product for pain relief…be it stiffness, arthritis, strains, whatever. Two thumbs up!”
– Joanne Berry


“I have been struggling with chronic back pain for 14 years, and have tried endless products. My latest bout had me laid up for a week. A friend introduced Muscle Mojo. I was skeptical, but tried it. I quickly felt relief. This product delivered. Muscle Mojo cut down the timeframe I would normally be laid up and allowed me to get back to some sense of normalcy. Grateful for this product.”
– Aaron Trudel


“Pain in my elbow and forearm from golf and tennis had shut me down. Tried everything. My neighbor gave me a tube of Muscle Mojo and after one use I could already feel it working. Week later I was back on the links, and haven’t slowed down since. Good stuff, thanks!”
– David Bergman

What is Muscle Mojo used FOr?

Developed with medical professionals and everyday athletes, Muscle Mojo is the answer for everyone to the daily grind of life from Botanicals RX is a tissue healing balm that decreases pain & inflammation while softening & moisturizing your skin!

Faster recovery

Less Inflammation

Muscle Aches

Joint Pain

Arthritis & Stiffness

Back pain Relief

The Everyday Grind

muscle MOJO VS. Competitors

Most CBD per Dollar Spent

You won’t find better CBD bang for your buck. We pack 2000mg of refined CBD among other great ingredients to each of our mojo tubes.

100% Made & Manufactured in USA!

Down to the hemp. Muscle mojo is a completely america grown, refined, and manufactured product. Not many other brands can say the same and We’re super proud of that!

Absolutely No THC or GMOs

Pure means pure. All Botanicals Rx products contain no detectable amount of THC on lab reports. Our products are made with 99.9% pure CBD Isolate Crystals which are THC free.

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